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When we launched Inclusion Housing back in 2007 we were determined to make a positive impact on the way that vulnerable people lived their lives.


When we launched Inclusion Housing back in 2007 we were determined to make a positive impact on the way that vulnerable people lived their lives. In a way that everyone benefited.

At that time, housing support for adults with physical disabilities, mental disabilities – or a combination of both – was limited in terms of choice and quality. A longer term, more strategic approach was needed to blend property needs with care needs as well as ensuring value for money for the institutions and authorities funding it.

In our view, things had to change. Landlords had to change.

There had to be a better way.

So, we set about putting together a diverse, talented team of experienced professionals from all areas of the public and private sector housing and social care professions. We took a fresh look at the way property and care services were being delivered across the United Kingdom, ripped up the rulebook and started from scratch.

Above all, we challenged ourselves to answer the question:

“If you were to create the perfect health and social care landlord for vulnerable adults, what would it look like?”

So, we worked it out. We came up with a better, smarter way.

A business model that places the tenant’s needs at the heart of everything we do and delivers positive outcomes for everyone we collaborate with.

We launched a pioneering a solution that provided specialist, bespoke support for people in homes that perfectly match their needs. A serviced portfolio of wholly owned, short-term and long-term leased housing units which delivers social good and commercial returns.

Our unique approach not only enabled vulnerable people to live in a good home with the right healthcare but also put them on the path to employment, community integration and independent living.

By combining social benefits with commercial benefits, we were able to set about rolling out our method across the country, working with local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups and investors.

In fact, we’re still successfully rolling it out now. And we’re planning to do even more in the future.

Institutional investment partners recognise that the creation of social benefits through our model in this sector also brings about the opportunity of sensible, stable, regular and reliable commercial returns for their stakeholders too.

We’ve now got a major development programme underway to help deliver the best property and support services to thousands more people and demands from all over the United Kingdom to deliver a better way.

Inclusion Housing is now firmly established as one of the United Kingdom’s leading social enterprise companies.

Our unique and rewarding approach means we have first class relationships with our key delivery partners – including institutional investors, commissioners in local authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups and developers.


Ultimately, the end result is happier tenants, happier families, better and more economical service delivery for commissioning authorities and stronger communities.

If you like our approach and share the same vision and values, then let’s talk about working together.

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