Inclusion Housing

Our Properties

We know every little detail about every single property in our entire portfolio. Effective property management, guided by real-time data and putting our heart and soul into everything we do at every location is a key reason for our success as a business.

Our property portfolio currently consists of more than 2,800individual homes. We’re on target to achieve 3,000 units into management by 2021.

Naturally, we’re interested in collaborating with more business partners to deliver these homes.

All our specialist supported housing is carefully selected by our team to ensure a perfect balance of successful outcomes for tenants, their families, local authorities, commissioners and our commercial partners.

We’re visionary, creative and flexible in our approach to delivering our services in more specialist supported housing.

We already have a wide range of styles, facilities and strategic partnerships because we work closer than anyone else with commissioners to deliver bespoke and we’re always open to working with other organisations who are passionate about we are as driving this exciting sector forwards.


Take a good look at the impressive range of properties under our management and you’ll see that we like to do things differently and enjoy collaborating with business partners and deliver special, sustainable outcomes for people and positive, sustainable outcomes for investors.

Visionary, creative & flexible in our approach