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Care partners

There’s no more emotive issue for families than the quality of care delivered to vulnerable relatives.

We collaborate with a range of award-winning care providers across the United Kingdom to ensure that our tenants are getting the best support possible in the marketplace.

We make no apologies for our expectation of first class service delivered by care organisations.

Our tenants, funders and other partners demand the best. By integrating the delivery of their services perfectly into ours we’re able to deliver the best outcomes for everyone involved.


We work with a range of reputable care providers to deliver integrated support plans for tenants across our property portfolio.

Together, we collaborate with our care partners on a daily basis to ensure tenants are fully supported with all aspects of their home life. This integrated approach enables vulnerable people to maintain a positive tenancy, get the right support to manage their own money and ensure people are budgeting for bills and food. It’s sets them on the right path for a more independent lifestyle.

  • “We want to work with the best care providers in the country to deliver fully integrated housing, health and social care support. Talk to us about improving the quality of landlord services within your care portfolio.”

    Michelle Dodgson, Operations Director, Inclusion Housing

  • “Care partners are integral to our business. If you’re in the business of looking after the most vulnerable in our society then we should be talking with each other.”

    Sarah Waters, Business Director, Inclusion Housing

  • “By integrating our services with care providers we have a unique proposition that enables us to grow with our partners in this expanding sector.”

    Neil Brown, CEO, Inclusion Housing

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No apologies for expecting first class service to our tenants from our care partners