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Funding partners

We operate in a high-growth, scalable and sustainable sector. This means we’re perfectly placed to continue our growth and deliver impressive results for our funding partners.

We’re in a strong financial position, with a healthy surplus of cash to fulfil our strategic priorities. All our surpluses are reinvested into bringing new units into management or into improving services for our tenants.

Robust management in all areas of our business, from financial control to operations, sees our business continue to be more profitable as it grows.

We’re perfectly placed to continue delivering the specialist health and social care landlord services we excel in as the market grows. We’re aligned to the long-term direction of travel set out by the Government concerning its policy on specialist supported living.

Our funding partners have complete and ‘real time’ access to all our key performance metrics.

Every penny we invest, every penny retuned – down to every knock on a tenant’s door is professionally measured, recorded, benchmarked and analysed by our team. We use a number of frameworks and data analytics to score our performance and progress across our business.

Funding partners, including those in the UK pension industry, are attracted to the opportunity of securing stable, reliable and long term return-on-investments.

Our business model enables accurate forecasting and our strong, experienced management team work in synergy with our funding partners to enable successful outcomes.

If you are directly responsible for leading, bidding, winning and closing infrastructure projects in the UK, and have experience in raising debt and equity we would love to collaborate with you in the specialist supported living sector.

  • “Specialist supported living is an attractive sector for institutional investors. Our track record of success looks set to continue for the next five years and beyond as we look to expand our portfolio of short-term and long-term leases across the country.”

    Sue Milnes, Finance Director, Inclusion Housing

  • “We’ve got a solid track record of success and a positive business plan which fills our investors with confidence. We’ve got the people, the resources and the infrastructure to keep growing, expanding and delivering positive returns.”

    Sarah Waters, Business Director, Inclusion Housing

  • “We believe we’ve got the best structure in the marketplace - and the most trusted and experienced people in our business to work with institutional investors with an appetite for the specialist supported housing sector.”

    Neil Brown, CEO, Inclusion Housing

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Delivering a stable, reliable and sustainable return-on-investment for institutional investors