Inclusion Housing

Community partners

We’re grateful to our community partners for their support, commitment and valuable role they play in our strategy.

We firmly believe in working with local businesses who provide services to our tenants.

Not only does this approach mean our tenants receive a more personalised service but it contributes to the local economy and helps small businesses grow.


By working alongside local businesses – small and large – we are able to integrate our tenants fully in the life of the local community.

Our goal is to get local community partners on first name terms with our tenants and we have a rolling programme of engagement with our community partners.


As we roll out our services across more homes across the United Kingdom, we’re seeking relationships with the wider business community to meet the ongoing needs of our tenants. So, whether you run a gardening business, cleaning company or you are a local joiner or handyperson – we’d love to hear from you.

  • “Our community partners are essential to ensure we’re delivering a highly specialised, personal and relationship-based service that goes well beyond those offered by standard landlords.”

    Michelle Dyas, Operations Director, Inclusion Housing

  • “Local businesses are well supported by Inclusion Housing. We’re always looking to work with the very best local suppliers of services so that we can deliver that to our tenants. We look after our community partners and our relationships are strong with them all.”

    Paul Atkins, Property Director, Inclusion Housing

  • “We believe that local tradespeople make a real difference to our service. People buy from people and our tenants and their families enjoy the fact that our community partners that friendships that last a lifetime are made on the doorstep.”

    Neil Brown, CEO, Inclusion Housing

Living, working and integrating with local businesses in our communities